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Wanda Milano

36 Yrs, Italy

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Hi boys!! I'm Wanda and i'm a playful stunning brunette that loves to have fun and bare all on cam.
5'7" tall and 115 ls. and long brown hair. I'm just your average girl next door with BIG breasts that I LOVE to show off! ;)
I'm a really hot italian girl. I love my beautiful country and i like trip all over it, meet the history and art. I'm constantly thinking where i can go to visit. I'm also get crazy to shopping, specialy shoes and lingerie. I think i have more shoes than a shoes store. lol
I also love to cook ( i'm a good cook, it's my secret talent. lol)
The perfect man for me must to be sweet, honest, funny and need to surprise me every time. And a perfect date i could say classic dinner and a movie... and of course some naughty nasty sex to end the night... :D

I've started to cam in 2008 just like a joke. I was curious about how this world was and then i realised i love it. I love to play and meet new people. I'm very naughty. Never a dull moment. I work hard and play hard. :) When I'm online I really enjoy the positive influence. Is gratifying to receive nice comments and see the feedbacks when i publish pics and videos. Also it’s incredible when I get messages or forum comments, on how I’ve inspired someone’s life positively, it gives me tingles. Plus knowing I turn on thousands of strangers is pretty hot!

For the next future i hope to continue this online job, why not? I "work" from home and meet awesome people ;)
I've always said "I BORN TO TEASE" and i really love to do it. :D

I'm really really love this job and y'all are awesome. I'm glad I can still help you get your rocks off, one way or another.
Thank you for the continued support and love over the many many years!!!

<<<<<< I love to be spoiled, maybe with a nice big Amazon Gift Card here
You can send me Gift Cards here: and mention Wanda on the subjet.

Don't forget to join my Fan Club:

XOXO Wanda !!!! <3 <3 <3


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    Mon, 5 Oct 2020

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Customer comments (12)

ownedby 7 April in 16:13

You are here!

ownedby 31 March in 12:52

will u ever be on again.
hope things are ok overthere

ruski79 6 October in 10:19

Can I get a long cam show with you, Wanda? I'm dying to see you

JayBlue 2 February in 11:12

I already love u.....hope to meet u soon, my Goddess!!!

Big kiss and many thx for your beauty.


Manuel Rojas 7 April in 23:20

damn hot and sexy chick, more daring photos please.. ilove your show..

mala 13 January in 09:08

is perfect

Iloveusomuch95 25 August in 11:08

Damn babe your so fuckin hot when you online email me to
Or text me at: (240) 848-7240

Kevin_leven11 22 August in 17:14

Youre dam hot

Gogo tom 8 August in 12:36

Hi you r fuck

ananananan191997 10 June in 01:46

you are sexy

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