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28 Yrs, United States

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Hey I’m Mel! I love being on camera! Take a m6’yking photos! I love seeing life through a lens and being on both sides of the lens! I absolutely adore meeting new people and life’s journeys! I’m one very comfortable in my own skin! Life is beautiful and amazing! I’m 28 years old born and raised in Salt Lake City Utah! I work full time at a structural steel fabrication company, (definitely not a welder though!) I work corporate side of things and in office! We build America one beam at a time! I’m loving camming on the side of that very business professional lifestyle! The two worlds are both very different from each other, but I admire that aspect! Some of my fun outgoing hobbies include kickball, softball, karaoke, crafting, home making, hiking, social media (I’m even a little shocked at my following I have unexpectedly gathered!), comedy (everyone who talks with me for about just 2.5 seconds always comes forth of how funny I am!), and those are just top of the ice burg of what I like to do! Another huge factor of Mel is, I am and amazingly loving mother of 3! I have 1 boy and 2 girls. Those three little Einstein’s completely illuminate my life, world, and meaning of being! I always look at everything as “the glass half Full!” I will have a smile shining in the darkest of times nauseating I know nothing last forever and there’s an end to all, with new journeys, adventures, and experiences waiting! We all need to explore life and take it to the fullest! Well I love living this happy go lucky life! It is what we ultimately make it! And that’s a snippet of Mel!


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    United States

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    Sat, 4 Apr 2020

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